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The Law Offices of Leonard M. Crone offers clients a personalized approach to the practice of law. We deeply care about each matter that is brought to us and we strive for only the best result whether that is a negotiated, approved settlement or a courtroom victory.

A Sampling of Our Success:

State v. Williams Not Guilty of Drug Sale
State v. Blanchard Not Guilty of Possessing Large Amounts of Crack Cocaine
State v. Spies Not Guilty of Evading Responsibility and Drunk Driving
State v.  Boulanger Not Guilty of Obtaining Large Amounts of Narcotics via UPS Delivery
State v. Barnes Not Guilty of Shooting and Attempted Murder of Two Police Officers
State v. Timms Not Guilty of Assault
State v. Howard Not Guilty of Assault of a Police Officer
State v. Bonilia Not Guilty of Sexual Assault


Please consider us for your future legal needs.
Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Real Estate Transactions

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